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Solar cells and modules
Solar thermal power plants
Off-Grid systems
Production technologies
Power Plants
Solar thermal technologies
Balance of systems (PV components, Mounting systems, Tracking systems etc.)
Electrical energy storage
Batteries, Fuel cells
Energy storage system      components and equipment
Battery production technologies /      machine and plant construction
Stationary energy storage systems
Self-supply with decentralized, renewable energy
Cogeneration systems (CHP)
Power-to-heat & conversion
Systems and plant engineering
Control engineering for the optimization of energy consumption
Energy management
Building automation (smart      homes/buildings)
Energy services
EV batteries
Charging infrastructure / charging      stations
Electric vehicles
Grid infrastructure and management
Energy trading and marketing
Smart Renewable Energy
Financial services
Wind power / small wind turbines
Virtual power plants / combined      power plants
Electrical engineering –      components and services
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North America
Latin America
Middle East & North Africa
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